We, Paul, Nancy, and Nimbine, are a devoted, self-sustaining missionary family dedicated to answering God’s call to serve in Thailand. We are actively involved in fulfilling the Great Commission through the Bible Literacy program with the Bible League Thailand Foundation.

Your kind support will make a significant impact on God’s work in Thailand.

Read on to find out how best you can partner with us in making a difference.

Partner with Us in God’s Mission in Thailand

This website was created as a project to raise support for our ongoing ministry in Thailand.

How would you like to partner with us in this project to support our ministry?


Started in February 2024, the website, www.bibleliteracyteacher.com, focuses on publishing devotional thoughts, bible studies resources, guides and tools, articles, inspiring and encouraging newsletters, and make them available on our website. The website also promote Christian products our partner websites, HarperCollins e-Commerce (Church Source)www.churchsource.com, Amazon US (Amazon.com), Amazon UK (Amazon.co.uk), and Christian Book (Christianbook.com).

HarperCollins e-Commerce is a fastest growing online Christian Community backed by some of the most trusted names like HarperCollins, Zondervan, and Thomas Nelson.

If you purchase a product through links on our website, HaperCollins e-Commerce pays us a commission of 10%-25% per sale based on the store.

Currently HaperCollins e-Commerce has six stores with a curated collection of the finest-quality resources for yourself, your Christian network or your Christian organizations from all these online stores. All six of them you will find them on the Shop menu and at footer section of our website.

Church Source – provides resources and materials for churches, such as books, study guides, and other tools to support church activities and ministries.

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Faith Gateway – provides a wide range of faith-based books, devotionals, and resources.

HC Leadership Essentials – dedicated to leadership development resources, offering books, courses, and tools to help individuals enhance their leadership skills and abilities.

Study Gateway, a Christian website, offers a wide range of Bible translations, Bible study resources and courses for online access. Check out the Faith Gateway logo for an image of what this platform represents.

Study Gateway – A hub for educational resources and study materials, including books, videos, and courses to aid in personal and spiritual growth through learning and reflection.

Image of Bible gateway logo. Bible Gateway is a Christian website that provides online access to various translations of the Bible.

Bible Gateway – specializing in a wide selection of Bibles, study guides, and resources

The Foyer – offers collection of books, gifts, and home decor items to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere for your home or personal space.

On your next shopping plan, please visit our website, www.bibleliteracyteacher.com and shop through links from our website. HarperCollins pay us 10%-25% of the amount of every item you buy.

Amazon UK and Amazon US have recently created an associate shop page. You can support us by shopping through the links below, which will earn us a commission and ad fees.

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A monthly subscription is setup on our website purposely to allow for financial gifts and donations from those who are willing to help. The subscription is done with Stripe and directly link to our Thailand Bank Account.

If you would like to support us monthly you can subscribe to: SOULSPARK MONTHLY INSPIRATIONALS. Choose an amount start with $3. To subscribe more than $3, select “Qty 1” and on the dropdown menu, select the number that will multiply by $3 dollar to give the desired amount. For example, If I want to support $60/Month, type 20 into Qty 1 dropdown box and click update and the amount is change to “$60.00 per month”. See example in the image here.

The Great Commission calls us to go forth and make disciples of all nations, spreading the message of God's love and salvation to the ends of the earth. In fulfilling this mission, we echo the words of David Livingstone: "God, send me anywhere, as long as You are with me. Give me any challenge, as long as You help me through it. And remove any attachment from my heart, except the one that connects me to You." This quote embodies the spirit of dedication, trust, and surrender required to carry out the divine mandate of sharing the gospel with courage and conviction. - Bible Literacy Teacher FaithFuel


We invite you to send us your Sermons, Articles, Book reviews, Inspiring Stories and Testimonies, and others. Kindly send in doc/pdf to mondo.paul@yahoo.com or paul@bibleliteracyteacher.com. Include your personal details that you wished to be featured on the website when published.

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